All the interviews in this book aimed to capture the life lessons of an older generation. As a photographer, I saw that the wisdom of these people was present not only in their words but in their faces, bodies, and spirits. I aimed to capture the beauty of their wrinkles, smile lines, and unique voices. I chose photographs that showed each individual where they felt happiest and in a peaceful state of being. They all took ample time and distance to think carefully about the words they would impart to me, and eventually, whoever finds this book in their hands.

the wisdom project

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"A beautiful compilation of pictures as well as words of advice honoring so many beloved people from our small community. A beautiful keepsake."

"Such a thoughtful book that captures wisdom with both words and stunning photography. Something that can be shared with family and friends forever. Couldn't stop reading until I finished the entire thing! Loved it"



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Wisdom of Marriage is the 2nd book in the larger personal project which is called “The Wisdom Project”

Photos of amazing couples, accompanied by their meaningful words, will be the perfect gift for anyone searching for direction on how to navigate life or who simply wants to appreciate the many faces of love. 

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