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The Most Important Things..

The most important things in life aren’t things.

-Anthony J. D’Angelo

I am just so excited about this session! I just finished a marathon editing session because I couldn’t get enough of these photos. I feel so honoured when I am asked to capture this exciting, incredible time in people’s lives. I think it just brings me back to all my pregnancies and what a miracle it is! There are not enough words to explain what it feels like when you are waiting for your first baby to arrive…the nervousness of seeing if your baby will be healthy and have all its fingers and toes, the excitement to see what this little person you created will look like, the anticipation of ¬†cradling your sweet-smelling, squishy little baby in your arms for the first time. It brings me to tears just thinking of the emotion filled moments that Nathalie and Kensie and their families are getting ready for. My hope is that even in 20 years you will be able to look at these photos and be transported back to this incredible time in your life!







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