The most beautiful people…

“The most beautiful people we

have known are those who

have known defeat, known

suffering, known struggle,

known loss, and have found

their way out of the depths.

These persons have an

appreciation, a sensitivity,

and an understanding of life

that fills them with

compassion, gentleness, and

a deep loving concern.

Beautiful people  do not just happen.”

-Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

This was probably the most special family session I photographed this year, and I was so honoured

that the Willsey family chose me to capture their beautiful family on such a special anniversary.

I believe the quote above helps to explain why their session felt so special to me.

They all suffered greatly when Lorna was diagnosed and living with MS.

She was then miraculously healed, and I believe this family no longer takes thing for granted

and loves just a little harder as a result.

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