Lifestyle Sessions…my favourite!

Last summer I was lucky enough to spend the morning with the Gorst Chuckwagon Racing Team while they were racing at the Grande Prairie Stompede.

Janice Gorst is a long-time family friend. She used to babysit me occasionally when I was a child. Her mom and my grandma were best friends so we

spent time together during the summers that I spent at my grandparents in Hardisty, Alberta. I haven’t seen Janice in years, so was very excited to

hear they were racing in Grande Prairie. My cousin, Tyson, works for them and is hoping to become an outrider so we thought it would be great to go for a visit.

Well, the Gorst Family is awesome! They have raised 3 wonderful kids who are all part of the racing team. They travel for the summer as a family and their days

are very busy taking tender, loving care of their horses. I was lucky enough to follow them around with my camera while they did all their morning chores

and took a couple test runs. It was fun and exciting for me to watch, but it looks like a lot of work for them. This is one of my favourite shots, not only from that day

but probably that i’ve ever taken. It inspired me to start offering lifestyle sessions. This is a session where I just hang out with you for a half or a full day and

just capture your life. There is no posing, just capturing a day in your life as it really is. There is more examples in the Galleries.

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