I Never Change. I Simply Become More Myself. -joyce carol

Oh what fun my job is!! I got to spend last night with my very good friend, who also happens to be my Spin and Cross-Fit Instructor. How could we not become great friends? We have spent at least 4 hours per week together for the past 3 years, first attending a spin class together and then becoming a student in Misty’s awesome classes! Misty is seriously the most active, motivating person I know! She rarely goes a day without exercising, and most days she exercises multiple times. She always makes me want to do my best and to always work harder and I thank her so much for that…even though sometimes I may not seem thankful!! I believe our morning workout group  is one of the best things that has happened to me and I am so thankful for everyone at Bliss Gym & Fitness. So we are doing a little project and Misty was my first participant and she rocked it! I wanted a pose to show just how strong Misty is and I think this one is perfect.

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